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Savings & Club Accounts

Savings Accounts

A Savings Account is your primary account to establish your membership at HRECU. A $5 opening deposit establishes member-ownership in the Credit Union. Members earn a quarterly dividend on their Savings Account based on average daily account balance. This account is your passport to all financial products and services at the Credit Union.

Delayed Payment Savings

This account is great for those paid 10 or 11 months out of the year who have summer expenses to worry about but no monthly paycheck to pay for them. Plus, you can earn dividends on this account. **fee applies for early withdrawals**

Summer Reserve Savings

This account is set up for those, with a loan, who are paid 10 or 11 months out of the year. You put a little aside during the year to cover loan payment(s) for the month(s) you are not paid. (No withdrawals allowed).

Vacation Club

Saving for a special trip or project over your summer break? A Vacation Club Account ensures that you are prepared for fun in the sun or whatever you may be saving for. With a monthly allotment from your direct deposit, you will be set to sail the Caribbean, trek through Europe or create an oasis in your backyard. The funds become available on June 1st through August 31st without penalty. 

Holiday Club

Are you always charging up your high-rate credit cards around the holidays? Plan ahead with a Holiday Club Account. This goal-oriented savings account features unlimited deposits, and funds become available the first business day in October through the end of December without penalty. Just in time for holiday shopping.