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Dormant Account Notice

What is a Dormant Account?

At Hampton Roads Educators Credit Union, we want to maintain an active relationship with you. We understand accounts go unused for many different reasons. You may have moved, you may have simply forgotten you had an account with us, or maybe a family member/parent opened an account for you years ago and you had no idea. 

What causes an account to go dormant?

Dormant accounts are accounts that have had no activity on shares/savings or loans for a period of 24 months or more.

What can you do to prevent your account from going dormant?

Stay active with HRECU!

  • Conduct regular transactions on your account or at minimum, once a year
  • Make a deposit using our easy CardPointe Payment System by visiting our website at
  • Set up direct deposit or payroll deduction
  • Use your debit or credit card
  • Take advantage of other credit union services such as auto loans, Visa Credit Card, Personal Loan, Home Equity Loans, a Checking Account or anything else that requires regular payments are considered account activity
  • Keep your contact information updated with us

It's fairly simple to keep your account from becoming inactive or dormant. Avoid the $5 monthly dormant account fee (once account reaches 24 months with no activity and your balance is below $100.00) by reactivating your account and keeping it active by performing regular transactions and deposits. This allows you to maintain your account as well as have access to our many beneficial products and services. 

Once your account is considered Dormant, you will be charged a monthly “dormant account” fee of $5 each month that your account has no activity. Once it falls below $5.00, your account will be closed. We value your membership and would love to discuss other products and services that may benefit you.  To keep your account from going into Dormant Status, please make sure that you make a deposit of any amount at least once a year.  Give us a call (757) 838-0707 for more information or to protect your account from closure.