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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Home's Interior

  1. Update your kitchen backspash.  A simple way to update the heart of your house is to add a new kitchen backsplash. The upgrade is both functional and stylistic, adding personality into one of our home's most highly trafficked rooms. Research different materials available, such as manufactured stone veneer or classic ceramic tile. 
  2. Swap out door handles. Often overlooked, the design of your doorhandle can remake a room. New cabinet pulls can refresh a dated kitchen or bathroom. A unique front door handle can greet visitors with a pleasant surprise. This is a relatively painless home improvement project that can perk up every room in your house.
  3. Apply a fresh coat of paint. The color of a room can influence our emotions, perceptions and even our appetite. Open a room with an off-white color. Add accents of a mood-booster yellow or blue to your kitchen or bedroom. Paint is an inexpensive and easy way to refresh any room in your house.
  4. Upgrade your laundry room. Is your laundry room a cyclone of dirty clothes, missing socks and dryer lint? This is the perfect place to experient with uplifting design elements such as patterned flooring, textured wallpapers and bold colored paint. It's the perfect way to lighten up wash day.
  5. Install a gallery wall. A gallery wall is the perfect way to display the photos you love. This layout allows you to hang mutiple pictures in a cohesive dsign. Frames can be metal, hardwood, or any combination. Hange them symmetrically or hodgepodge.

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