Loan Rates

New -2014 APR
Up to 60 Months 1.99% - 8.99%
61 - 72 Months 2.25% - 9.25%
73 - 84 Months 2.99% - 9.99%
Used APR
2009 - 2013 (Up to 60 Months) 2.99% - 9.99%
2008 & Older (Up to 48 Months) 3.50% - 10.50%
Closed-End Home Equity
Fixed rate terms up to 90% LTV APR
Up to 60 Months 4.49%
61-120 Months 5.49%
Open-End Home Equity
Year/Value/Term APR
$5000 + up to 85% LTV Prime + 1.00%***
Signature Loan
In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) Loan  


 No set term

 Variable. Currently 9.25% - 25.00%

Term APR
Up to 36 Months ($5,000 and less) 11.00% - 21.00%
48 Months ($5,001 - $10,000) 11.00% - 21.00%
Savings Certificate Secured
 Term APR
Savings Certificate of Deposit Secured 5.00%
Savings Secured
 Term APR
No set term


**All Rates Subject to Change** APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Rate based on credit worthiness.

***$5,000 minimum line of credit - $50,000 maximum line of credit on 85% LTV. The line of credit has a variable-rate feature, and the annual percentage rate (corresponding to the periodic rate) and the minimum payment can change as a result. The Annual Percentage Rate includes only interest and not other costs. The fully indexed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is subject to change quarterly. Your rate will never be less than 4% or exceed 18% or the maximum allowed by law. The Annual Percentage Rate is based on the value of an index. The index is the lowest Prime Rate as published in the "Money Rates" section of the Wall Street Journal (published daily). To determine the Annual Percentage Rate that will apply to your line, which may vary each quarter, we add a margin of 1.00% to the value of the index. Ask us for the current index Value as well as the annual percentage rate. All closing costs will be paid by the borrower.

We Do Business in Accordance With the federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.