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Six Renovations that Return the Most at Resale

Here are the six home improvement projects that deliver the highest returns:

1. Garage door replacement

A good-looking garage door tops the list when it comes to getting cash back on your invements should you decide to sell your house. 

2. Manufactured stone veneer

Replacing vinyl siding with stone veneer on part of your home, such as the entryway, is a big curb-appeal upgrade.This cosmetic improvement and accent design element is likely to catch the eye of a potential buyer and can allow you to recoup nearly 95% of your renovation costs.

3. Minor kitchen remodel

Creating a modern, functional kitchen can add more than just value to your home. It can boost your enjoyment of everyday activities like cooking, entertaining and sharing meals with your family. On average, you'll recoup a little more than 80% of the cost. A minor remodeling might entail replacing appliances with new, more energy-efficient models, reface cabinets with new shake-style wood panels, install new countertops, replace hardware, install a new sink and faucet, add new flooring and repaint.

4. Deck addition (wood)

If you have a big yar, having a wooden deck can be an extra enhancement to enjoy the outdoors. 

5. Siding replacement

Old, dilapidated siding can make even the nicest house look worn out. 

6. Entry door replacement

You will recoup nearly 75% of our cost by replacing your main door with a 20-gauge steel door.

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