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Fee Schedule

Savings Account Fees
Dormant Account (inactive after 12 months) $5.00
Escheat Fee $25.00
Early Account Closure- Savings first 90 days $10.00
REopen Closed account (within 90 days of closure) $25.00
Excessive Transfer/Withdraw of Funds (more than 6 per month in accordance with Regulation D) $2.00 per transfer
Checking Fees
Returned Draft (Regardless of Reason) $30.00
Stop Payment $25.00
Starter Checks $2.00/sheet of 3
Copy of Check $5.00/Image
Check Orders Varies
Bill Payment Fees
NSF Fee $30.00
Stop Payment Fee $25.00
Payee and Postal Return Fee


Inactive Bill Pay (after 3 months) $3.00 per month
ATM/VISA Debit Card Fees
ATM Use at Foreign Terminal

First 3 per month-Free

$1.00 each transaction thereafter

PIN Based Network Transaction First 3 per month-Free

$1.00 each transaction thereafter

Replacement Card - regular mail $10.00 per card
Replacement Card - rush $50.00 per card
PIN Re-order - regular mail No charge
PIN Re-order - rush mail $50.00 per PIN
Loan Fees
Certificate of Satisfaction $41.00
Credit Report Fee $5.00 Individual / $10.00 Joint
Filing/Termination Statement $20.00 each
ICE Line of Credit Loan Set Up Fee $25.00
Skip A Payment (limit 2 per year) $30.00 per loan
Supplemental Lien $15.00
VISA Application Fee $10.00
Other Account and Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconcilation $25.00/hour
Account Research $25.00/hour
ACH Returns $30.00
Check Cashing Fee (non-account holders) $5.00
Coin Redemption Fee - Accout Holder 5%
Coin Redemption Fee - Non-Account holder 10%q
Deposited Item Returned $25.00
Early Withdrawal Fee (Vacation, Christmas, Delayed Pay) $30.00 per withdrawal
Fax $2.00
Levy, Lien, Garnishment, Collection Item, Support Payment on Your Account $30.00
Money Order $1.00
Mortgage Company Verification of Deposit $10.00
Notary Service No Charge
Official Checks $2.00
Photocopy $0.25/page
Statement Copy (History) $2.00/statement
Stop Payment on Official Checks $25.00
Travelers Cheques $1.00/$100.00
Undeliverable Address $2.00
VISA Gift Card $3.00
Wire Transfer Domestic (outgoing) $15.00
Wire Transfer International (outgoing) $30.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Fee Rental     3x5 Box $30.00/Year
                              5x5 Box $45.00/Year
                              5x10 Box $60.00/Year
Late Fee (30 days past due date) $10.00
Lost or Damaged Key Replacement $25.00
Safe Deposit Drilling Fee up to $250.00
Senior Member Discounts (age 60+)
Free copies, One Free Official Check per month, 10% Discount on Safe Deposit Box Rental, One Free Box of Prime Time Checks